The Theatrical Festival of Epidavros

In 1954 the Epidavros Theatrical Festival was officially established. From this year on and each summer the theatre became home to great actors from all over the world and hosted some of the most important cultural performances worldwide. From Katina Paxinou to Damme Hellen Mirren, from Alexis Minotis to Kevin Spacey, from Mikis Theodorakis and Manos Chatzidakis to Maria Kallas, from Dimitris Rontiris and Karolos Kuhn to Peter Stein and Matthias Langhoff, a great number of artists enjoyed the privilege and honour of performing at the Ancient Theater of Epidavros, regarded as the ultimate achievement of an actor. 



Nowadays, the Theatrical festival takes place during the summer moths of July and August. The open air performances are given on Friday and Saturday evenings from 21:00. Being here and not visiting the theatre or watching a performance, is something you must not allow happen!

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