The Ancient Theatre of Epidavros

The theatre of Epidavros was one of the largest and most important ancient theatres. It is still a marvel of design, construction and acoustics. Completely lost until the end of the 19 century, buried under ground, was accidentally discovered by Archaeologist Panagiotis Kavadias, excavated, completely exposed and restored in the early years of the 20th century. 


It was till Sunday, September 11 1938 that the theater remained silent. On that day, a group of actors led by the great Greek director Panagiotis Rontiris gave the first performance after centuries. It was 'Electra' by Euripides, with Katina Paxinou, a prominent Greek actress in the leading role. This performance was given just as in the old times: no artificial lighting, no sound equipment, no scenery on stage, words in ancient greek language. It was the first attempt to revive the Ancient Theater and the Ancient drama as well.

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