A few words about us....

Avaton is a small, family owned, family run hotel, just by the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros...


Founded by mr. Prokopios Smyrlis in 1974, and now run by his wife Angeiliki and sons Tasos and Giorgos, Avaton offers hospitality to visitors for almost 40 years. During all this time, our hotel has become popular among greek and foreign visitors of the area.

Hotel Avaton is tightly connected to the archeological site of Epidavros, not only in terms of proximity. Its name comes from the 'Avaton' , the sacred building in the ancient Asclipieion  of Epidaurus, where the believers of Asclepius, the God of Medicine used to rest, while waiting for the God to visit them in their dream & show them the way of getting healed of their disease.

Avaton is also closely bound to the Ancient Theater of Epidavros, A great number of Actors and Artists of Greek and International Theatrical Scenes choose our hotel for their stay during the Ancient Drama Festival of Epidavros, held during July and August Every year. 

Above all, we, people in Avaton, aim to offering warm and home-like hospitality to all our guests. Thats we are trying hard to do. 

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